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Post #11 – Reflect on your experience in the course, your development of PLN, your use of social media platforms and networked publics, share any changes in your perspective of social media in professional settings and personal use.

My experience with EDCI 338 has been more than informative, our professor Jesse Miller provided us with the tools to develop our own personal learning network. I will be continuing to create content and grow my PLN so it can be well developed by the time I have graduated. This will set me significantly well in my post-graduate and professional life because I will have access to amazing resources (other people’s content) and will be able to engage and share information. In this course, a couple of topics that resonated with me were the importance of having a PLN that is inclusive and safe and the risks/benefits of interacting with individuals online.

Having a PLN that is inclusive truly allows for knowledge to be shared without bias. I have learnt through this course that the importance of having a non-bias attitude towards individuals or information is personally beneficial. Without bias, we can become more well rounded and critical thinking individuals. With the building of our PLNs online, I have realized that when we surround ourselves with accurate information (non-bias) slowly our communities start becoming non-bias as well. Additionally, I have learnt that when interacting with individuals online we must be cautious but also mindful. What I mean by this is, be cautious when sharing personal information online and don’t share anything you wouldn’t want potential employers to see. However, we should be mindful of interacting with individuals online because we never know when someone will teach us something (we have to be mindful not to dismiss individuals’ opinions).

Blog Post 10

  1. If your PLN can be used to help professional development post-course?

Yes, this course has taught me that having a diversified PLN can only result in positive benefits. These benefits came from opening up with other members of your online community. Amber shares that keeping an open mind around new people is important because you never know who is going to teach you something. She explained that having a mentor was a great way to meet other professionals in the industry and grow fast in a profession.


  1. Can your PLN be relied on to open professional opportunities and on which platform does your emerging expertise get good exposure?


Social media allows for communication with other professionals. We are fortunate enough that our technology has expanded exponentially, and we can remain in contact with people we have met from work, school or organized sport. Incredibly enough we also have the option to reach out to these individuals whenever and virtually for any reason. However, you cannot rely solely on social platforms for business opportunities. You have to chase business opportunities yourself, whether that is marketing on social platforms, mailing flyers, radio ads, door-door sales pitches, etc.

  1. Can you leverage your PLN in future endeavours?

Absolutely, your PLN is a tool at your disposal. Marketing on social media is completely free, so an individual could spend any percentage of their time interacting/posting on social media to expand their PLN. By doing so builds credibility and a relationship with the user in the online community.

  1. With consideration to the reading and video interview, how do you ensure that you expand your PLN via social media platforms into spaces that may be outside of your comfort zone?

In the video interview Amber states she enjoys working with people that challenge her, she recommends we do the same. Some elements of my PLN have already expanded to outside of my comfort zone because of the pandemic. LinkedIn is a platform I’ve been neglecting until recently. I think it’s crucial to expand to all areas in or out of your comfort zone, that is essentially how we grow as individuals.

Blog post 9

  1. Community communications go beyond blogs and social media shares, how does a PLN help and hinder the development of thoughts and ideas in public discourse – especially when addressing our differences?

A PLN can help develop the thoughts and ideas in public discourse by allowing for every voice in the room to be heard. Online users have the comfort of sharing their ideas, beliefs, thoughts where they feel safe online. This also allows for other members of the online community to engage and interact and share their testimonials/experiences with others. This can further allow for the development of new ideas, relationships and communities which inherently reduces exclusivity and exclusion. A PLN can hinder our development of thoughts and ideas by having users who discourage creativity. Social media even though a great platform to share ideas, can also be blamed for online bullying and harassment. Platforms of this nature are known for having certain individuals (trolls) who scour the internet and comment either insensitive or rude things on other’s posts merely for amusement.

  1. How can a PLN be curated to minimize bias and expand knowledge of the lives of others?

A PLN can minimize bias by allowing for diversity and opposition. By allowing discourse from people with differing backgrounds, beliefs, ideas, races, genders and ages we can ensure knowledge is shared as true and raw as the testimonials that surround it. Allowing for a conversation with the opposition is a good way to reduce negligent information within one’s field. Inherently humans want to be correct, by listening to opposing voices and beliefs we can try to reduce our own bias. In addition, having a PLN that is diverse can allow users to interact and share new ideas with one another allowing for the development of critical thinking. Therefore, the community has smarter individuals who are more well-rounded and contribute more to society.

  1. How does the identity of who you are, fit into your PLN?

My identity of who I am fits into my PLN very appropriately. My professional PLN ties in with my professional and educated side- What I mean by that is, my professional PLNs only share accomplishments, achievements, interactions, experiences I’ve had in regard to employment and education (anything a future employer would look for in a potential hire) . I also interact with people on my professional PLN who share the same interests and aspirations. Therefore, we are able to communicate, interact and teach others on our PLN’s.

In addition, my social day-day PLN addresses my identity very true to who I am. The reason why I can’t say it accurately depicts who I am is that social media really only portrays an image or a moment in time. Social media doesn’t see the struggle, and because of that reason, my PLN cannot truly express my identity. Because I am who I am on my happy days, as well as on my dark days.




Blog post 8

1.What is the benefit of having a PLN that values media literacy?

The benefit of having a PLN that values media literacy as Julie expanded on, is having a constant stream of people that can support your ideas as well as share their own insights. Julie shares that media literacy is a crucial skill to have for the 21st century because we (children, adolescents and adults) process images faster than words. Media literacy allows us to critically think about all forms of media we take in on a daily basis. Since our brains are conditioned to absorb and process the information being projected to us, the messages, however, are not always true and/or accurate. News stations are a perfect example of a business highlighting certain stories and targeting a specific audience for ratings, view count or user engagement. This is a form of bias that we don’t consider, even though we would love to think that news channels have our best interest at hand. Julie cautions the public as we have thousands of news articles to consider, we must choose the honest ones instead of ones that agree with our personal beliefs. Julie also shares that “we tend to be more interested in what we believe than what is true” (Julie). This, however, is one of the sole reasons why businesses target an audience that they know they can reach and manipulate. Therefore, media literacy allows us to answer several of the big questions involving media; what subliminal messages are companies trying to send? What are the company’s intentions regarding the users? Why are they portraying it a certain way? Etc. Media literacy teaches the user to ask “why?” and “what if?” while engaging in active critical thinking regarding the subject. Then the individual will make an informed decision based on what benefits themselves personally.


2. Open dialogues about media literacy and factual information can create conflict, why does this happen?

Media literacy encourages individuals to question, evaluate, and understand their multimedia culture. It teaches them to become active, engaged media consumers and users. Media literacy is important because it allows consumers to critically think about the messages they’re receiving from media. Mainstream media has been evolving immensely since the beginning of the internet. News stories prior to the internet were shared via newspapers, radio, flyers, and television, currently, media has expanded to videos, pictures, memes, gifs, videogames, advertisements, and social media. Through these means of communication, were constantly receiving information that may or may not be true. It may contain non-factual information, bias, opinions, rants etc. Propaganda is a prime example of false media representation. This can create much conflict; as in the past, it has created wars. A keynote to remember is that media can be circulated to people over the world in the span of seconds. These messages being sent have the power to influence and manipulate consumers’ purchasing. This creates conflict because you’re building a false trust with consumers on a product that may not have any benefit to them. Clearly, human rights conflicts can occur- how far is too far?  Currently, we are seeing conflict in the influencer industry on social media. Influencers have been caught promoting health, fitness, business, beverage, clothing etc. products that have false claims and/or pro. Finally, conflict in the field of media literacy and factual information will always be a battle lost. With millions of users being able to access all of the internets



Miller J. (2020). EDCI 338 A01 – Smith, Julie. Retrieved from:

Blog Post 7

  1. Identify the risks and benefits of engaging with a public audience in a media space – what are the risks for a public figure or person in a position of trust (educator, lawyer, government official)?

Social media allows an individual/ public figure to post virtually anything they want (depending on the platform). Which allows for many benefits and risks for the individual. One interesting thing that platforms have done, is to allow for an individual of trust to get verified so that other users know that you’re communicating with either that individual or their PR team. Let’s start with some benefits, firstly social media allows individuals to get new ideas for content, connect with new and existing audience members and enhance the platform or brand image (or name).  Even though we have quite a few benefits- they certainly do not outweigh the risks. Being a public figure on social media the risks are exponential; risk of harassment, risk of a restraining order, risk of public humiliation, risk of a privacy breach, risk of home invasion, etc.

  1. How do notable individuals use social media?

Notable individuals that I follow use social media to promote their brands and/or companies they collaborate with. However, are not only restricted to posting about their professional lives-some share personal posts as well. The reason they do this- is to expand their network and influence. As a consumer, I am much more inclined to purchase a good with a personal story attached. However, sharing too much is obviously an issue as well- some notable individuals find it impossible to separate personal and professional lives on social media. This can cause an influx of issues for the individual, a prime example of this would be Donald Trump.


  1. What are the benefits of being in the public eye and having a PLN? (career development in the public eye)

The benefits of being in the public eye and having a PLN are exponential. Firstly, 2020 is the time for the digital world. It’s interesting because you can see when YouTube started in the early 2000s bloggers that started during its launch are now millionaires at the age of 22. The internet is an incredible thing that allows access to tons of information. For example, I have seen many online companies that started back in at the beginning of Covid. And since then their following has jumped from a couple hundred following on social media to fifty thousand because it blew up on Tik Tok. Career development is a positive aspect of social media- being a professional in a certain industry.


  1. Building a community with online tools provided by the employer can be limiting, what are the perceived restrictions and benefits of having social media directly associated with employment? (verified accounts because of employment, accounts that are professional versus personal, hybrid accounts)

Being a public figure engaging with users on a public platform, everything you do on social media can have repercussions if necessary. We’re seeing lately that many public figures have lost their job and/or contracts with companies because of controversial topics spoken about online. When a public figure and a company’s values don’t align there is cause for termination. It is important that an individual posts professional ideas that also align with the companies values.


  1. Delivering information in a connected society requires verifiable resources, how does one build a PLN that can be consistently relied on?

One can build a PLN that can be consistently relied on by posting content that agrees with your own values, making sure that any involvement with corporations- that their values are the same of the individual, the individual posts consistently with accurate content, the individual only endorses products that are genuinely good and that they believe in, and finally sourcing information an individual is claiming.


  1. How do those, who are veteran storytellers, minimize risk in sharing misinformation?

    Veteran storytellers can minimize risk in sharing misinformation by only sharing information they know is accurate. By staying in their area of expertise, storytellers can ensure information is valid and precise. Another way storytellers can minimize risk is by documenting all their findings/research. This record-keeping can promote the organization of ideas, opinions, experiences, etc. and can guarantee legitimacy as time goes on.


Hirst, M. Navigating social journalism.


Blog Post 6


1.How does social media help engage in community-based communications?

Social media can help with engagement in community-based communications by building credibility within the community. Online platforms allow us to communicate with one another and build meaningful relationships. Creating this relationship will form trust with the community as well.

  1. How does social media challenge community-based communications?

It can be argued that too many users are glued to their phones, either at home, in public, or at private/social events. This can inhibit us from having those meaningful conversations and making connections in real-time. Altogether this is seen as a cost to society because opportunities are being missed.

  1. Are there cultural sensitivities that should be considered?

Cultural sensitivities involve the belief of accepting that all cultures and ethnicities are created differently yet equal to one another. I believe that cultural sensitives should be considered all the time not just in a workplace environment. Diversification creates an opportunity where everyone can share their knowledge, understanding, and skillset.

  1. What should your PLN say about you as you communicate to the public via social media or communication tools?

My PLN should represent a well-rounded and respectful individual who is hardworking and very positive. I tend to set short- and long-term goals for myself in all aspects of my life (education, work, fitness, health) in which employers can clearly see on my social media. This shows that dedication, patience, and hard work are all personal traits exercised often in my day-day life. These attributes can show employers that I can be diligent and reliable; two skills employers look for.


  1. What does it mean to balance your professional expectations and your personal beliefs- in curating a PLN for the purpose of career development?

I think when curating a PLN for the purpose of career development- it’s a good idea to establish boundaries between the platforms so users can get the information desired from that platform. More specific platforms are generally a good idea anyway- so users don’t get lost in the content (sharing professional advice and then sharing a personal post). In addition, it is important to note that not everyone shares the same opinions and beliefs as you- employers have a right to disagree with certain beliefs and terminate employment if necessary. Lastly, it can come across as unprofessional when an employer can see your personal social media accounts.

Blogpost 5

  1. Explore how you would create a PLN prior to building a podcast on a topic of your choice. Please include an exploration of how would you emulate success stories in this space (podcasts that you’ve listened to or seen become noteworthy), and how would you use your PLN with the intent to expand your audience?

I would create my PLN prior to building my podcast on health/wellness, by allowing myself to reach my target audience on most (if not all) social media platforms prior. Once an online presence is established, I can follow and interact with other people who are also interested in this space. When you have access to more platforms you can inherently find a bigger more established audience. Another important aspect of a podcast is having guests that are also well established or well known in the field. Having guest speakers that the audience can relate too is also crucial for a relationship to form between the podcast and the audience- this builds trust in the relationship. One factor I thought of when building my podcast was what would I like to see, hear, watch, listen too? Who would be the guests I would like to see? And finally, what would I expect as a podcast listener? Mo Amir explains it is helpful to go on other social platforms and podcasts to introduce yourself to the different spaces and to others whom wouldn’t typically view your content- you might just spark their interest. Another policy I have adapted when starting a podcast is, I would allow myself to listen to other podcasts in my field and to interact with other podcast that don’t have as large of voices. Allowing myself to receive all information that surrounds the subject helps verify my knowledge as the host. Using life experiences as testimonies specifically in the health and wellness space can help platforms receive that validation as well.

  1. Additionally, explore some of the privacy/security concerns to consider when developing an audience on any social media platform? What are the concerns for individuals who become influential in a social space?

One can have many concerns with privacy/security when developing an audience on social media. One should be extremely mindful of what is posted on forums, chats, platforms etc. Often as someone seen in the spotlight (having a podcast) you will have many speculators, and anything said that is differing can lead to discussions- but sometimes harassment, death threats, private information leakage, stalking etc. Privacy is so important as an individual- even though we have platforms to share our personal lives yet sharing too much can be extremely dangerous. Some professionals hire social media consultants to edit out familiar images/locations in their photos so their locations can’t be traced easily. This goes to show how impactful letting thousands or millions of users into your personal life can be. It is recommended that having differing personal and public social media platforms could be beneficial to avoid privacy harassment.


Blog Post 4

  1. How diverse is your existing PLN?

I believe my PLN is very diverse. Due to my experiences in high school as well as post-secondary, I have been fortunate enough to travel to different countries studying. These experiences have broadened my educational space and have allowed me to reach an array of opinions, ideas, perspectives, and teachings from people all over the world. I have been able to keep connections and reach out past my PLN ‘s limits. In addition, my PLN has become more diverse due to Covid-19. Educational institutions have been able to provide platforms for students from different countries to get together and share ideas. In particular, EDCI 338 has allowed me to discuss all my opinions and get feedback from different voices in my class. My PLN would not have been as diverse as it is now if Covid-19 never happened. Definitely interesting to think about.


  1. In your PLN, are you learning from a variety of voices or are you the loudest in the room?

Currently, I am learning from a variety of voices. As I mentioned before Covid-19 has changed many platforms we communicate on. I am currently one of the loudest voices when it comes to matters, I feel extremely passionate about. If I don’t know complete information on a subject, I usually tend to take a back seat and listen/ observe other voices. The reason I do this is that I have learned that listening to others is just as important as sharing all my own ideas. In EDCI 338 we have been put into groups with individuals from across the globe, we chat within these groups and discuss on our forum. This is a perfect example of learning from a variety of voices.

  1. Do you participate in a silo of information sharing (similar themes or wide-range of interests)?

I tend to mainly stick to similar themes and learn more about specific subjects so I can have a loud voice in the room. However, I am learning to branch out and explore some of my other interests or potential interests.


  1. How can you use a diverse PLN to broaden your views of inclusion?

By using a diverse PLN, we can expand the voices we’re hearing on a regular basis and expand our personal knowledge and opinions. Inclusion is extremely important because everyone has a voice and deserves to share their stories, knowledge, opinions, and skills with others. In this day and age, too many people are marginalized and not heard. However, this year marginalized groups have been extremely vocal (black lives matter) and deserve to do so. They have never been able to be the loudest voice in the room and now they can be. In EDCI 338, every week the members of the group share blogposts- we are able to learn more about these individuals every day. Each member in our group is different (age, sex, race, education, personal experiences, etc.) so differing life experiences and opinions are welcomed as well as encouraged.

  1. What is the learning outcome of your PLN and how are you ensuring your exposure to diversity and inclusion?


The learning outcome of my PLN is to welcome voices from various spaces- all are welcomed and encouraged to share their experiences or expertise. If we all were to ensure diversity as a top priority in our own PLN’s then we can have a community filled with value and understanding. Personally, as I mentioned above Covid-19 has put a halt to person-person contact so many of us have had to lean on expanding our PLN’s to keep up to date with everyday stories, occurrences, news, etc. In addition, if we keep encouraging diversity in all aspects of life, we can ensure constant growth as a community or even as nations.


  1. How has your thinking about inclusion and PLN evolved after reviewing the videos and readings?

My thinking about inclusion and PLN has changed for the better. As S. More mentions in “Transforming Inclusive Education” (Youtube) the video touches on an analogy comparing bowling pins to children in a classroom. Often pins (children) that are harder to knock over are the ones we should be paying more attention to. She describes these children as the two pins left standing in the far back corners. However, if you approach bowling from a different angle you can knock down all of the pins in one shot without leaving two pins left standing (children with learning disabilities or underdeveloped).



Moore, S. (2016). Transforming Inclusive Education. YouTube. Retrieved from:


Blog post 3

  1. What sites are students using for their professional network?

Students seem to currently be using LinkedIn, email, and school websites to showcase their professional networks. Many websites can vary between students however, the three mentioned above are predominantly used. With education being primarily online, many educational institutions have chosen like zoom as platforms for means of communication. This has spread throughout many academic institutions because of class restriction.

2. What can you (as a student consider expanding your network (professionally)?

As a student, I should consider using LinkedIn more actively, as future employers will be searching for potential candidates as well as connect with students from similar faculties. As mentioned above because of covid 19 restrictions-students are using zoom academically. This app in itself will aid students in expanding their professional networks because it makes room for conversation, relationship development, and participation.

3. In your network- how can you create a digital identity? Reputation?

I can create a digital identity by updating my current professional and academic platforms. Updating my resume, updating courses I have taken in post-secondary, and any volunteer work or school activities done with this professionalism in mind.


4. Consider a local employer- can they search the content? Is it a benefit to the career path? Does it hinder the opportunity for employment?

A local employer can absolutely search for content on future prospects. One benefit and loss of the internet is you can find pretty much any information about anything or anyone. This being said- it is important to be mindful of what you are posting on social media platforms because potential employers can see this information if it’s public. My current- social media is on private- so potential employers would have to request to follow me if they want to see any content. However, that being said my social media is professional and presentable at any given time. As we’reseeing in 2020, many allegations from social media have followed professionals causing some sort of scandal and have unfortunately ended their professional careers because of it. These platforms can be used to aid potential employers to find the best fit for the company.

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